If you only knew

Quite a perspective…


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EMS overworked?

More data…


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Lets rethink our approach…

Yesterday, I had a great discussion with a new Paramedic who was young enough to be my son. It is certain that we will run some calls together in the coming months as his ambulance responds to my district. 

When asked what kind of mental health and resiliance training he has received, his answer disturbed me.

He told me that presenters didn’t really care about the material and blew quickly through the information. Not much discussion, no techniques, no data about suicide, drug addiction, interpersonal issues, etc. 

“If they had really made an effort to present the material, I think it would have been useful” 

If this was your son, would you want him getting into the field as an EMS provider without mental tools to help himself, his fellow crew members and their families? I think not. Time for a new approach. 

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Nice save Doc

Its one thing to successfully use the maneuver and quite another to be the guy who developed it. 

Nice save Doc!


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Powerful PSA

Just another reason why we need to start talking about mental health in this country, epecially within our first responder community. 


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The only thing tougher….

An excellent article from Fire Chief Magazine on family and firefighter PTSD.

Firefighter Wives 

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Rock n Roll Zen

Eric was recently asked to be a guest on the Rock and Roll Zen podcast. 

Host Mark Hermann and the director talked film, music, firefighting, The Cove and of course about Wounded Without Weapons….

Check it out

RnR Zen #002

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Happy New Year

Its a new year and we hope 2016 will see the film get into production. 

Lots of funds to raise, many stories to tell and perhaps even lives to save. 

Please help if you can. 

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signs of PTSD

here’s a useful primer…

Signs of PTSD

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Carmel IFF and greater Los Angeles

Had a productive visit to central and southern California on behalf of the project these last ten days. Received some helpful advice, insightful resources and mainly the encouragement to keep on track for this important film. Some big news will be coming soon based on some of those meetings. Stay tuned and continue to spread the word about the project. 

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